Taiwanese Born. Texas Bred. Based in New York City.

Anabelle Pang is an eternal optimist who strives to do work for the betterment of humanity—and for good tea and cake in the afternoon.

She adores:  Art + Design. Great Typography. Photography. Travel. Ice cream + Bike rides. Nerds. The Yosemite. Paris. London. Scandinavia. The NL. YSL. Balenciaga. Steven Meisel. Buckminster Fuller. Dieter Ram. OMA. Studio Gang. M/M Paris. JR. Ernesto Neto. Eames. Bouroullec Brothers. Jake Gyllenhaal's Blue Eyes.

She hopes to one day to have tea and collaborate with Paola Antonelli, Elon Musk, Oprah, Stella McCartney, Beyoncé and the immaculate Grace Coddington.